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Dkora's platform is revolutionizing the interior design sector by providing an all encompassing solution that simplifies client coordination, incorporates smart technology, and enriches product selection. Through the utilization of AI and seamless integration with ecommerce and smart home systems, Dkora minimizes expenses and uncertainties while elevating design standards. Dkora's extensive optimizations facilitate rapid decision-making, offering personalized recommendations and AI-driven insights that empower designers to craft outstanding interiors.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered design solution generation*: Utilizing AI algorithms to automatically generate design solutions based on input parameters, such as room dimensions, style preferences, and budget constraints.


Smart-home integration platform*: A platform that facilitates the integration of smart home technologies into the design process. It allows designers to test, manage,

LiDAR & Camera

LiDAR and camera captured image and scans*: Utilizing LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology and cameras to capture detailed images and scans of interior spaces.


Vendor connections on the platform*: Providing a network of vendor connections within the platform to facilitate the procurement of design-related items and materials.


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From LiDAR and Camera to AI powered solution, Dkora has it all

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Dkora is a software solution revolutionizing interior design through smart-home technology

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Dkora is a software solution that automates and optimizes interior design decision

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Interior Design Expertise: Dkora’s team excels in interior design,