Improve and optimize design-decision making and product selection using AI and direct user interaction, with a focus on smart-home technology integration

Massive Opportunity

Access to well designed interiors

  • Access to well-designed, cohesive and healthy interior designs are increasingly important for the general public.

  • It is vital for interior designers to make informed and cost-effective decisions in their designs and product selection.

Future Proof

Smart Interiors are the future

  • Healthier, more energy-efficient interior spaces, and better-operating devices has increased the adoption of IoT and smart devices in residential and commercial interiors.

  • Integrating technology in designs creates additional complexity, cost and time required for coordination.

Become Future Proof


From LiDAR and Camera to AI powered solution, Dkora has it all

LiDAR and Camera

LiDAR and camera captured image and scans to develop an accurate model of interior spaces for design preparation.


We provide vendor connections on the platform to make it easier to order items and get bulk discount


improve and optimize your design decision making using AI

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