Dkora is a software solution that automates and optimizes interior design decision making and integration with smart-home technology. Interior designers and clients can leverage Dkora’s solution to prioritize interior design styles, comfort preferences and technology requirements and to develop design schemes and product selection packages that can be optimized based on qualitative measures such as style, comfort and quality and quantitative measures such as cost, technology benefits, and overall carbon emissions of products. Our platform uses AI-powered and IoT enabled software with personalized and predictive automation along with predictive maintenance which will enhance the user experience and add value to the smart homes by making life more secure, comfortable, convenient, and safe. We will play favorably in the competitive environment with our creative and unique resources to enhance customer experience and

increase productivity, offering affordable services with our experienced in-house workforce. Our platform also enables the interior design industry to minimize costs and risks in the client coordination process and facilitate the integration of interior smart technology for improved quality of design solutions. The platform enables product selection optimization, enabling complex decision-making in a timely manner. Dkora is committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions into our platform. We prioritize environmental responsibility in our design recommendations, aiding users in creating both visually appealing and eco-conscious spaces. Beyond revolutionizing interior design, we strive to drive sustainability in the industry, emphasizing environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency. By integrating sustainability into our platform, we empower users to craft beautiful spaces while minimizing their environmental impact.